Sinds vandaag  18-05-2020 lid van de Romeo Foxtrot club..
Hi all,
My name is Dennis 19RF1030
I have been on the radio for many years ,than other hobbies came in and i forgot the radiohobby for about 10 years 
and now  After about 10 years I recently picked up the radiohobby again and have made some great contacts with my simple setup  a president lincoln and a 5/8 antenna  Sirio Signal keeper 
Well all, hope you enjoy my website and please leave a message 
 hope to meet you all soon on 11 meter band 73’s
19RF1030 Dennis 

freebanding on 27 mhz.
HI  and welcome here.
So u found me on  dx 11 meters .. congrats ..
station info :
President Lincoln running  low 4 watts 😉
signalmaster 5/8 small antenna on the roof.
also standing by on cb radio
Wrlp Repeater Bergen op Zoom NL  u need a radio with splitfunction or two radios 
the repeater is listning on  27.1750 MHz (chan 18), 
and transmitting on 27.0850 MHz (chan 11).

Signalkeeper on the left side.. The middle is Adsb and right is  the comet dualband 2/70 cm The shortwave antenna  (loop and miniwhip)are in the backyard, the discone is on the roof  also but its  out of this frame.